Bucket List Stories: Avon, Colorado

We love to share our members’ travel stories. If you’ve vacationed with Southern Journeys, please share your story with us. We’ll add a week of vacation to your membership and will post your travel story on our blog. Call Membership Services for more information at 855-365-5997.

New member, Shari Silvio, recently participated in Southern Journeys interview program. She was given a week of vacation toward her membership for telling us about the vacations she has taken with Southern Journeys. Like many of our members, Mrs. Silvio was invited to an informational presentation by phone, and signed up with SOJO to make her travel dreams into a reality.

Her first trip with us was to Avon, Colorado with her family. They stayed at the Christie Lodge and advise anyone traveling up the mountain in the winter seasons to ensure they are well-prepared for the cold. “Make sure you’re using windshield washer fluid meant for negative temperatures,” Mrs. Silvio advised. Be aware that in the interest of visibility and safety that this is great advice to heed. Most wiper blade fluids say that they are fit for subzero temperatures on the bottle, but we recommend finding a brand that actually specifies temperatures below zero.

Once the Silvio family was up the mountain, however, it was a “magical” trip, said Mrs. Silvio. Beaver Creek was very near the family’s accommodation with a free shuttle to take them back and forth. The children, ages three, seven, and twelve, were able to take part in Winterfest, an annual festival for children. Santa was there spreading holiday cheer, and Mrs. Silvio was particularly impressed with the way Santa and his staff made time to visit with every child. At Winterfest, there are vendors selling snacks and warm drinks, fire pits, and music, in addition to the ice skating rink and sledding for all to enjoy. There are no chain restaurants in this area, but Mrs. Silvio reported that there are plenty of affordable privately owned eateries and recommends trying Blue Moose Pizza for dinner out.

The accommodation itself was spacious, clean, and comfortable. They made use of the kitchen in their room when one of the children celebrated a birthday over the family’s vacation. “One of the staff realized we were celebrating a birthday and came up to do balloon animals for the kids,” Mrs. Silvio said. The booking process was simple when booking through Southern Journeys, and checking out was just a matter of turning in the room key. “Usually there are hidden fees whenever we check out of a place, “Mrs. Silvio said. “All we did this time was sign out and turn in the key because everything else was handled by Southern Journeys.”

The Silvios plan to go back to Avon when they get a chance and have also set their sights on Disney in Orlando and Italy. We at Southern Journeys hope that this will be the first of many exciting vacations for the Silvios.

If you have a travel story you would like to share with us, call Membership Services at 855-365-5997 to schedule an interview.




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