Bucket List Stories: Dunedin, Florida

We love to hear about member travel stories. If you’ve vacationed with Southern Journeys, please share your story with us. We’ll add a week of vacation to your membership and will post your travel story on our blog. Call Membership Services for more information at 855-365-5997.

Mrs. Belk recently participated in Southern Journeys interview program. She was given a week of vacation toward her membership for telling us about the vacations she has taken with Southern Journeys.

Mrs. Belk came to us through a membership transfer she completed with her niece. Since then, she and her three long-time friends have been making the most of it, traveling to Florida, California, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, among others. She plans her trips using the online inventory, our travel agency, special offers, and sometimes books online. “My experience has always been easy. When I’m not sure where I want to go they can always find me something.”

One of her best trips was to Florida where she has repeatedly traveled. They stayed in one of our properties near Dunedin and enjoyed run punch at sunset every night with the proprietor. The accommodation was clean and well-maintained with a salt water pool. Nearby is the Salvador Dali and, of course, pristine beaches. “We stayed in Fort Lauderdale, too, and really loved that. The room was very nice. We went in winter and anyone going then should ride the water taxi to see all the Christmas lights. The houses on the water compete for the best lights.”

Next Mrs. Belk wants to look into traveling to the Caribbean. “I’ve always wanted to go,” she said. And we look forward to helping Mrs. Belk, and all of our members, make their vacation dreams into reality.

Want to tell your vacation story? Contact Membership Services to set a short interview and get another week added to your membership.





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