Bucket List Stories: Hawaii, Palm Springs

We love to share our members’ travel stories. If you’ve vacationed with Southern Journeys, please share your story with us. We’ll add a week of vacation to your membership and will post your travel story on our blog. Call Membership Services for more information at 855-365-5997

Long time member, Kay Tabb, recently participated in Southern Journeys interview program. She was given a week of vacation toward her membership for telling us about the vacations she has taken with Southern Journeys.

Ms. Tabb has been a member with us almost from the beginning. Over the years, she had traveled to numerous places, but by far her favorite is Hawaii. Hawaii was the first trip she booked under Southern Journeys and has been a reoccurring favorite for her and her friends every year since. “We love it there,” she said. “We try to go back every year and stay at a different place. It’s so cheap a lot of us can get together and go.”

Ms. Tabb has been all over the islands shopping, sunbathing, and visiting local cultural treasures with her friends and family. She recommends all members traveling to Hawaii to visit a luau while they’re there. “It’s a must-see,” she said. “And the best food you’ve ever had.” In all of her travels to the Hawaiian Islands, Ms. Tabb has only had one issue at one of the resorts with supplies in her accommodation. She said that she reached out to Membership Services and the issue was corrected promptly. She has returned to the same resort since with no problems. “They made it right,” she said. “They got on it right away.”

Another of her favorite locations is Palm Springs. Ms. Tabb says that anyone who loves mountains would also love Palm Springs. The scenery is not to be missed. With the money she saved on her accommodation, she was able to frequent all of the “neat little boutique shops” that crop up frequently in the area. Ms. Tabb also had great luck with the food in Palm Springs and suggests that members go hungry to their vacations to take advantage of the cruise. “Best hamburgers I’ve ever had,” she said.

Currently, Ms. Tabb is planning her trip to Atlantic City. “It’s so easy. I look online then I call Ray at the travel agency. He books me and that’s it. We go.” She plans to spend some time shopping, visiting the House of Blues, and walking along the beach. “It’s hard to pinpoint my favorite moment on a vacation because they’ve all been so good,” she says. We feel certain that Ms. Tabb will have many more exciting vacations to come. We appreciate her membership with the Southern Journeys family and would like to thank her for being as passionate about travel as we are.

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