Featured Locale: Banff, Alberta, Canada

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Featured Locale Banff Alberta Canada 8-14-2015

Banff—A “Rocky” Place

This resort town nestled at the base of the Canadian Rocky Mountains is one of the country’s most visited places by travelers from all over the world. The breathtaking mountain views, hot springs, sports, and local history make for an eclectic blend of vacation stories to add to your collection.

Tourists often visit glacially-fed Moraine Lake, a popular hiking spot for the tranquility reflected in the deep blue glacier water. Also check out a Scottish style castle (now called the Banff Springs Hotel) and learn about the history of the first transcontinental railway settlers to the area.

Your Banff Vacation

Get the lay of the land in downtown Banff by shopping on Main Street and sampling the local cuisine in one of Banff’s many restaurants.  Make special note not to fear the cold. Although Canada is known for its frozen winters it actually has warm fronts known as “chinooks” that quickly melt ice and bring more snow, great for the winter sports enthusiast. Avid sportsmen will enjoy the skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowshoeing, and tobogganing that the area has to offer. While you’re visiting take “Curling” lessons. A meld between chess and shuffleboard, the sport is quite challenging and hailed as a local pastime.

If you would rather travel during warmer months, no worries. The hot springs are open any time of the year. For adventurous types, try scrambling. Because the Rockies begin their slope at a slight angle it’s more of a mountain “hike” than a “climb” hence the name for the image of explorers “scrambling” over the mountain terrain. For an easier walk, lace up your hiking shoes and travel to Bankhead, a ghost town abandoned after the boom of the railroad industry. A local guide can tell you about the local lore and history.

Venture Forth

Want to do something nearby Banff? Calgary is about an hour drive and boasts all the attractions of big city life as the largest city in Alberta. An alluring mix of shops, bars, and restaurants, await you in this up and coming city.

In July, Calgary hosts Stampede, a ten-day festival and rodeo considered as a western version of Mardi Gras. If you’re more of an outdoorsy type, Jasper National Park is close by and is the biggest park in the Canadian Rockies with some of the most unique natural land formations in the world.

Keep in mind that Canada requires international identification to visit the country. Either a passport or the passport card (valid for Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and Bermuda) are expectable forms of entry and can be obtained at your local post office. To select a Banff property visit myvacationquest.com today.

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