Featured Locale: Brownsville, Texas 

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About Brownsville

Brownsville is located near the northernmost bank of the Rio Grande. South Padre Island is a short drive away, as is Boca Chica Beach, a lovely secluded beach untouched by commercial buildings, about thirty-five minutes away. Tamaulipas, Mexico is just over the border and is a great option for a day trip to a major city.

Sabal Palm Sanctuary

Sabal Palms once grew wildly all along southern Texas and northern Mexico. Today, only 557 acres of these palms and the animals that inhabit them remain, protected by the Sabal Palm Sanctuary. Guests enjoy five miles of nature trails, wildlife viewing decks, and wildlife presentations. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for children under the age of twelve. Check out their website:  http://sabalpalmsanctuary.org/.

Children’s Museum of Brownsville

This children’s museum is packed with interactive activities for children of all ages. Most of them are built to accommodate adults so you’ll get to have just as much fun as your child. Children can play meteorology at the newscaster station, learn what it’s like to sail the ocean at the “Under the Sea” exhibit, watch live shows, discover their inner artist at the arts and crafts station, and learn some real world skill at the role-play job stations set in restaurants, construction zones, and offices. The programs are all fun and educational, geared toward showcasing a broad perspective of the world for the children. Tickets are $8. Check out their website at: http://cmofbrownsville.com/.

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