Featured Locale: Budapest, Hungary


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About Budapest

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and one of the most populated cities in Europe. Here you will find a rich variety of people and things to do representative of the various cultures that thrive in the area. The architecture is something to write home about as the city is dominated by ornate and famous buildings, namely the cathedrals, churches, and government buildings.

Visit Parliament

The structure is Gothic Revival, breathtaking both inside and out. The tour takes guests to see the main staircase (you’ll recognize it from the movies), the coronation jewels, the Dome Hall, the Old Upper House, and the Lounge used by the former monarchy. All together the tour is about an hour not including the security inspection. You’re free to take pictures and ask questions—your guide will be able to answer you in eight languages. Be sure to get your tickets online and early as they tend to sell out quickly.

Central Market Hall

Built in the latter half of the nineteenth century, this building houses the largest indoor shopping market in the country. There are floors upon floors of shops, vendors, stores, and goods and services to indulge in. There is also an excellent food court/ restaurant floor you will want to visit since the market is definitely an all day activity. Stop by the Chefparade Cooking School for an inexpensive and authentic Hungarian dish. Culinary walking tours are available daily for all the foodies out there. The market opens in the morning and closes by 5 p.m. so be sure to get an early start.

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