Featured Locale: Lava, Idaho

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Lava Hot Springs

Idaho hot springs are like no other. Normally, when visiting hot springs vacationers have to worry about the nasty sulfuric scent of matches wafting from the water. The Lava Hot Springs are natural underground springs are absent the sulfur and are instead laced with natural minerals that are both good for the body and lack the smell. The Lava Hot Springs Foundation has five different springs for you to choose from. Each range in temperature meaning whether traveling in the dead of winter or blistering summer vacationers will find a spring that works for them.

The water is always fresh and clean due to the strong current of the springs underground causing the water to drain into the Portneuf River. There are indoor swimming pools as well as botanical gardens to explore that are included in the admission price. Admission is $10 for an all day adult pass on the weekends (price decreases during the week for both children and adults). Visit the website for more information: http://www.lavahotsprings.com/.

Zipline Adventure

Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience with Lava Zipline Adventures. Zipline is the practice of suspending in a harness on an aerial wire connecting two or more slopes and riding the line to a landing platform. At Zipline Adventures, there are three different courses to choose from ranging 800-1,500 feet. Operation is rain or shine except in instance of serve weather. Zipline is open to people of all ages, but patrons with neck or back injuries will not be permitted to participate and everyone using the course must wear a helmet. Closed toe shoes (hiking boots preferably) are recommended as well as bottled water. The course takes about three hours to complete. Space is limited. Reserve your adventure in advance and check out their website for pricing details: http://www.lavazipline.com/



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