Featured Locale: Sardinia, Italy

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About Sardinia

This mysterious island is the second largest in the Mediterranean Sea and under the protection of Italy. The official language is Italian, but most people on the island speak the traditional Sardinian tongue which is actually closer to Latin than most other romance languages.

Sardinia is a great launch pad if your party would like to explore the other countries around the island. Corsica, the French territory, is just north of Sardinia and can be reached by ferry. Italy is to the east and reasonably easy to get to. Flights run under $60 for a one-way trip into Rome or Neples. Pompeii is also nearby and can be reached by car once you are on the mainland. Ferries do exist from Sardinia to Italy, but unless you’d like to spend the night on it, we suggest flying.

Ancient Ruins and Archeological Sites

The oldest ruins in Sardinia date back 3,500 years to the prehistoric Roman occupation of the island. The structures are still around and open for visitors. If the history wasn’t enough, all of these sites have breathtaking views of either the mountains or the ocean, and are very inexpensive to visit. Almost of all of them have free parking lots and no admission fees. A favorite of tourists is the Forum Traiani Thermae, which was a Roman bathhouse and has a companion complex, the Terme Sardegna, with traditional treatments ranging from massage to mud baths.

Shopping In Alghero

The main areas for shopping in Alghero are Via Carlo Alberto, Via Glibert Ferret and Via Roma. You can find designer brands on these streets (and, of course, one can’t go to Italy without bringing home a pair of designer shades). Most importantly, shoppers can find a plethora of red coral jewelry. Red coral is currently endangered, however, you may purchase already made jewelry from the coral.

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