Featured Locale: Shanghai, China

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About Shanghai

This bustling city by day, nightlife haven by night, is the financial epicenter of China, and has great historical and contemporary significance globally. It is the world’s largest city, possesses the largest transit system in the world (365 miles, underground), and has some of the most breathtaking nighttime skylines in the world. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to travel here. The rest of the year is either blisteringly hot or bone-chillingly cold and windy, so please take this into consideration when planning your trip.

Food Tours

Shanghai is similar to New Orleans in that most of the tastiest food in found on the streets, sold by vendors, and in hole-in-the-wall eateries that only locales would know about. A food tour will put you in the know. The morning breakfast market tours are a great way to start the day. You’ll sample dishes for about three hours ranging from xiaolongbao dumplings to homemade pasta to kombucha. Tickets might seem pricy at $70 for adults and $35 for children, but it really is worth it for how much food you’ll get to try and for what you’ll learn of the city. There are many food tours throughout the city; here’s a link for one: https://untourfoodtours.com/.

Old Town (Nanshi)

Depending on who you speak with, Old Town is sometimes considered a tourist trap. Really, it’s just such an interesting place to see (for tourists and locals alike) that there are just a lot of people. During the foreign concessions, this area of the city remained exclusively Chinese. Old Town is just as it’s always been, unpolluted by the outside world, whereas the rest of the city was forced to adapt. There is some great shopping here, it’s the best place to find those hidden treasures, and the architecture is not to be missed.

Temple Visits

Can’t go to Shanghai without visiting at least one Buddhist temple. Dawn is when it’s best to go; the monks will be out walking around because they will be starting or finishing their morning rituals, plus the weather will still be nice and cool. The most important thing to remember here is the rules. Wear clothing that covers your shoulders (in their entirety) and bottoms that cover passed your knees. You will probably be asked to remove your shoes. Conversation is something that is highly monitored—you shouldn’t say anything to anyone (even within your party) that you can’t say to a kindergartener. No loud talking. No eating. See the website of individual temples for details as they may vary from place to place. Be sure to purchase some incents at the temple gates!

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