Featured Locale: Utah

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Salt Lake City

Utah is home to Salt Lake City, the capital and most populated city in the state—there is something for everyone in this town, including some nontraditional vacation ideas that will make your trip stand out from all the rest.

Escape Rooms

One of the lesser known, but more interesting attractions is SLC’s escape rooms. Instead of being behind a remote control interacting in a virtual world of suspense and mystery, players live the game. Dive into brain teasers, riddles, and hidden passages as you and your group try to escape the room before the hour runs out. The game has various themes, the most popular being a steampunk and witch theme, but there is also a mystery adventure at Santa’s workshop for the holiday season. No matter which theme you chose to play you can count on being completely absorbed in the world of your game. Live actors are hired to play characters to add another layer of authenticity to the experience. Tickets can be purchased online for $30.

A Space Odyssey

Also check out Clark Planetarium for an inexpensive day of fun and otherworldly experiences. You could easily spend the day there checking out the free exhibits of Mars, the Moon, and the International Space station. Exhibit tours for purchase include a 360-degree extraterrestrial tour of Earth’s solar system and light shows on Fridays and Saturdays. Each exhibit is $9 for adults when purchasing individually. Tickets are on sale on their website.

Brian Head, UT

If your vacation to Utah doesn’t include big city life then check out Brian Head to fill all of your outdoor needs. In addition to breathtaking Brian Head Peak, the tallest point in Utah to climb, there is also a range of outdoor entertainment like fishing, whitewater rafting, and ATVs. In the winter months, Brian Head is known for its ski slopes and offers scenic tours of the crisp mountain ranges rimming the national park area as well as snowtubing, snowmobiling, and snowboarding for adventurous types.

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