Road Grub: Choosing Healthy Snacks

When you’re traveling by car most people want to find the interstate, put the pedal to the metal, and make good time. There’s not a lot of room in that equation for garden salads, forsaking fast food, and smart eating choices. If you’re driving to one of our properties read on for our tips on eating healthy while on the go.

Coolers Are Your Friend

Save yourself some money by purchasing a cheap cooler and packing it the night before you hit the road. This is a great tip of you have dietary restrictions or little ones who you’re trying to teach good eating habits. You’ll also save yourself time by not having to stop for food, especially if you are able to store your cooler in a place where everybody can reach it. Dehydration is a common foe when traveling so be sure to pack plenty of water.  Water also helps curb hunger and keep mineral and chemical compounds within the body balanced so that you’re not feeling “hangry.”

Take Advantage of Tupperware

Measuring out your portion sizes before you hit the road will keep your food fresh and your portion sizes under control. Try getting some clear containers (so you can see what’s inside them) and filling them with your favorite healthy snacks. Pre-chop chunks of fruits and veggies for easy finger foods. Nuts, crackers, and cheeses are also great options. Hobby boxes make great snack containers for kids. Fill each of the containers with a different food for a fun road trip snack. You could even try getting some nontoxic markers so that they kids can decorate their box as a road trip activity.

road trip snacks

Find an Equivalent

If you’re not a “cooler person” try to find substitutes for your favorite convenience store foods. Healthy eating on the run is all about finding an equal to what it is that you really want to be eating. For example, you might be standing at the last gas station for fifty miles holding a chocolate bar. It might seem like a good idea to “snack” on nougat goodness but I guarantee that you’ll be hungry again before you reach the next service station.  Have a granola bar instead. It will give you the sweetness you’re craving with fewer calories and less chance of a sugar crash. Likewise instead of eating chips when you’re craving salt, have some pretzels or nuts.  Trail mixes are a good option too but try to keep an eye on what’s in the bag and how many calories it is—not all trail mixes are created equal.

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