Cruise Control: Top U.S. Driving Cities

Metropolitan cities get a bad rap for traffic conditions, and rightly so.  In 2015, motorists collectively lost 3.1 billion dollars in gas while waiting in stop-go traffic; they spent 6.9 billion hours waiting bumper to bumper. We’ve compiled a list of our top traffic cities for our members that love big city life but hate big city delays.

Phoenix, Arizona

The “Valley of the Sun”, as it’s nicknamed, is the most populated city in Arizona and the sixth most populated city in the United States.  Oddly enough, Phoenix also boasts fewer traffic accidents/ fatalities, time spent in stop-go traffic, car thefts, and lower fuel costs than the national average.  Year to year, Phoenix fights with Lubbock, Texas for the number one spot on the national list of best places to be a driver in the U.S. Nearby Tucson also makes the list coming just behind Phoenix at number two.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The “Big Easy” is a driving city but don’t let that scare you away. The real danger for motorists in NOLA is the condition of the roadways and streets as a carryover from the days of Hurricane Katrina.  Checking your shocks and struts before coming down for crawdads is a good idea but once here you’ll find that traffic ebbs and flows with the nine to five work schedule. Allow for a few extra minutes to get to where you’re going in the morning and around 5 p.m. and you’ll most likely be on time in this city. The WAZE community driving app is a great addition to your navigation toolbox. The app allows you to check on driving conditions, gas prices, delays, and other road hazards that might hinder your trip. Visit the WAZE website for more details.

Orlando, Florida

Most assume that “The City Beautiful” must have as bad or worse traffic as its southern neighbor, Miami. Despite being the theme park capital of the world, Orlando ranked number thirty-eight for motorists in the nation. It also ranked higher in car repairs and cleanings than the national average which means that there are fewer traffic delays as a result of breakdowns and poor vehicle maintenance.  Much like New Orleans, traffic patterns shift depending on the work day.


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