Featured Locale: Afton, Oklahoma

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About Afton

The little town of Afton was once a big stop on the old Route 66 highway road trip trek. Since I-44 bypassed the “Ribbon Road” for traveler safety and speed, there’s been less hustle and bustle in the area which makes it great for any vacationer looking for some peace and quiet. Our southern members who want a low-key vacation while staying close to home will appreciate Afton and her surrounding areas for what she is today.

Lendonwood Gardens

“Oklahoma” and “gardens” in the same sentence may seem a little oxymoronic, but the natives take it all in stride with the Lendonwood Gardens, northern Oklahoma’s premier botanical research center and eight-acre garden. The concept of these gardens was to create a space for “Oklahoma Proven” plants to thrive. With the help of Oklahoma State University today the gardens are bustling with a vast collection of daylilies, rhododendrons, and dogwoods, just to name a few. Families with love the slow pace as they enjoy nature. Tickets are $5 for adults, $3 for students. Children under twelve have free admission. Check out their website for more details: http://www.lendonwood.com/.

Har-Ber Village

This is Oklahoma’s Pioneer Museum and a whole day of fun for families who visit here. Even if there are no children in your party it’s still a great spot to spend the day. Most of the structures on the property are just as they were in the pre- Civil War Era and can be toured. There’s also a museum that details pioneer life in Oklahoma that is included in the admission price. Where guests should spend most of their time is the demonstrations and hands-on activity stations. They’ll teach you how to churn butter, weave baskets, dye wool and linen, hearth cook, and craft candles. The onsite café is a great option for lunch with all the menu options of the “from scratch” variety. Dinnertime almost always consists of prime rib with all the fixings, so we suggest making a whole day of this village. Check out their website for further information: http://www.har-bervillage.com.

Zena Suri Alpacas

Another great option for families. A couple of former journalists own this alpaca ranch and truly take pride in their animals and ranch. Visitors are greeted by the owners and their pet alpaca, Melody, and are then shown around the ranch and taught the ins and outs of raising and sheering alpacas. There is currently no general admission charge, but they do like you to stop by the gift shop. You’ll find all manner of alpaca gear hear from yarn to winter apparel. There are also workshop classes that teach needlework, how to make felted soap, sculptuing ornaments, and a vast range of other activities. The workshops are constantly changing and can be unpredictable at times. The owners encourage guests to call to find out what upcoming workshops are scheduled and join a group from there. Check out their website: http://www.zenasurialpacas.com/.

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