Featured Locale: Âre, Sweden

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About Âre

Welcome to Âre, Sweden, the Alpine Capital of Scandinavia. This spot has some of the best skiing in the world with eighty-nine slopes, all with varying degrees of difficulty, ranging from beginner to expert level, and forty-two lifts to spirit you up the mountains. Whether you’re a fan of downhill skiing, cross-country, or light beginner skiing, this place has it all, as well as instructors and a well-maintained course to make you a pro in no time.

Aurora Borealis

The Northern Light are perhaps one of the most anticipated, spectacular, and talked-about natural events of beauty that our world has to offer. The catch? There are only so many places in the world one can see them from. In Âre, you’ve got a front row seat to nature’s canvas of color. The best time to see the Northern Lights is from September to March.

Any other time of the year there is too much daylight to be able to see the lights, even at midnight. The “midnight sunsets” are an event in and of themselves, though, with a curious little ritual surrounding the long hours of daylight. During the summer months especially, the sun shines for twenty hours and thirty minutes a day. You’ll find your fellow guests and locals alike using the midnight sunsets as an excuse to make the party last that much longer. In the winter months, you’ll see perpetual twilight due to the thick blanket of snow refracting the moonlight for all but four hours a day.

Hot Tub and Jacuzzi

Âre is a place where your muscles will get a work out. Between the cold and all the skiing, biking, hiking, and snowmobiling, by the time you’re ready to wind down for the night, you’ll all be wishing you had a hot-as-you-can-stand-it tub to get lost in. Luckily, outdoor hot tubs and Jacuzzis are a way of life in Sweden. Because of the beauty and silence of the landscape, you’ll often find these hot tubs outside under a clear, starry sky.

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