Featured Locale: Cambridge, Vermont

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About Cambridge

This ski town is home to Smuggler’s Notch ski resort and state park which sees some of the best winter sport conditions in the northeast, with three separate mountains to enjoy. The area is named Smuggler’s Notch for the thin mountain pass winding behind Sterling Mountain which was once used by smugglers and bootleggers. In the warmer months, Lamoille Valley Rail Trail, New England’s longest nature trail, is the place to be for biking, hiking, and horseback riding. The scenery is peaceful and not invasively developed.

The Maple Outlet

One can’t spend time in New England without coming home with some fresh maple products. The Maple Outlet has been a family-run establishment since 1910 and specializes in premier Vermont maple products like candy, syrup, cream, nuts, and sugar. Those minus a sweet tooth will still love this place as they also make homemade cheddar cheese, woodworking, hand-spun clothing, and smoked meats. There is a mail service in case your party would like to ship items home.


This is a bit of a recent pastime in Smuggler’s Notch but no less of a good time.  Flyboarding is a water craft accessory that propels riders from the water into the air. Think of it like a cannonball that starts in the water. Children have to be at least thirteen-years-old in order to participate in this sport at Smuggler’s Notch. Guests will receive lessons before they ever get on a board with certified instructors. Check out their website for more details: http://flyboardofvt.com/.

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