Featured Locale: Dalen, Telemark, Norway


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About Dalen

Dalen is quite a tiny town—only around 800 inhabitants—though it has a lot to offer to vacationers. It’s located on the western side of the Telemark Canal and the delta flowing into the Tokke River and Lake Bandak. The scenery is so beautiful, majestic to the point one wonders if they are still on planet Earth, that nature photography is actually considered a major pastime.

Telemark Adventure

This is a good day activity for any type of vacation party, as long as everyone likes the outdoors. This company will help you with any of your outside sports needs. You can rent boats and kayaks with them, bikes, paintball guns, the works. They have children sizes in everything and special activities for your young adventurers. Most notably, they have special courses in the event that you would like to learn survival skills in the wilderness, mountaineering, and canal paddling. Check out their website for more details: http://www.dalenbb.com/.

Amdals Verk Mines

You’ll notice that there are a plethora of silver and precious metal shops in the area. Absolutely stop in and see what they have to offer, but when you’re done, take a guided mine tour and learn about the history. Mining was a major part of the culture in Denmark until WWII when Nazi occupiers exhausted the mines. You’ll all about the life of miners, their family, and the staff, as well as how the mining process effected the political climate in Europe. Be sure to take a coat, even though the mine is only open in the summer months—It’s colder than you’d think! For more details: http://en.vest-telemark.museum.no/museums/amdals-verk-mines-p515303.

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