Featured Locale: Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas

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About Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is named such for the curve in the landscape near the Strawberry River. There are four different lakes in the area making this an outdoorsy traveler’s delight. Visitors rave about the swimming on Turkey Mountain and highly recommend an afternoon relaxing with fishing in one of the lakes. And that’s what you’ll get here: Relaxation. Away from the fog of city life, you’ll get back to nature with hiking, scenic highway tours, and canoeing.

Nearby Points of Interest

Maybe you’re the person that needs a day in the city in order for your vacation to feel complete. Have no fear. Horseshoe Bend is a short drive away from Little Rock, Springfield, and Memphis. These are certainly day trips, but the drives are beautiful, and it’s definitely worth it for anyone that has to feel a city breathing around them. If Little Rock is on your list be sure to check out some of the free art galleries they have running almost daily.

Antiquing and Crafts

This region of the Ozark Mountains is packed with quaint little boroughs which, in turn, are loaded with antique shops. Look for your treasures among the towers of collectables in one town then hop over to the next and continue your hunt. You’re guaranteed to find something you’ve been looking for (or something you didn’t know you wanted). For crafts, take a half hour drive over to Old Hardy Town, the state’s smallest historic town. They boast a staggering amount of pre-WII buildings for as small a town as it is. Take a stroll down Main Street when all the craft vendors are out in full force and see for yourself.

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