Featured Locale: Jackman, Maine

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About Jackman

Here travelers “enjoy Maine the way it’s supposed to be,” according to the local masthead in Jackman. This sleepy resort town had its original claim to fame by constructing some the first railroads and money-making lumber yards in New England.

Since then, Jackman has been focused on keeping the town as idyllic and nature-loving as possible. You won’t see many cars in Jackson, for example, and even fewer street lights and traffic signals, but you will find a vast array of opportunities for ice fishing, skiing, ATVs, hunting, and snowshoeing.


If you haven’t ever tried Geocaching, this might be the place for you to try it. Geocaching is short-hand for “treasure hunting.” First introduced in 2000, geocaching was where technology met hiking and spawned a whole new generation of outdoor lovers.

Here’s how it works: The players visit the geocach website to find out if any caches hidden in their area. Jackman has one of the largest “game boards” for caches in the country. Caches are waterproof, highly durable containers that usually contain a logbook and other “treasures” that may have been left behind by other treasure hunters.

Sometimes the treasures are buttons or pins with the GPS coordinates of the cache on them. Sometimes you might find a disposable camera that you’re meant to use to prove you found the cache. Many people will leave small amounts of money or coins. Some folks leave business cards, poems, books, toys, or other trinkets. If you take an item, leave an item, is the rule. Players use handheld GPS devices to lead them through the terrain to the cache. Think of it as hiking with a purpose. Be prepared to dig a little—sometimes the caches are buried. Jackman has a ton of them hidden all over the area. They even rent out GPS. Start your hunt today!


No matter the time of year, Jackman has some truly breathtaking scenery. Grab your camera and stop by Glen Ellis Falls. The hike to the falls is actually pretty easy, although the steps back down can be a challenge just because they may be slippery from the water. This hike is not for anyone that has mobility issues, though the drive to the beginning of the sight and the parking lot can be misleading.

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