Featured Locale: June Lake, California


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About June Lake

            Known as the “Switzerland of California” this is the spot for fishers, climbers, boaters, swimmers, hikers, and outdoors people of all kinds. The resort area is situated in the hills and valleys in a soup-bowl like mountain pass at an elevation of 7,654 feet. Grant Lake allows personal boat use, as well as speedboats and jet skis so guests can water-ski and wakeboard.

The fishing is varied, everything from fly-fishing to still fishing, although finishing below the dam does have a strict catch-and-release order. Be sure to take a quick drive outside the city limits to see the Mono Craters, a chain of volcanic craters, lava flows, and domes stretching twenty-five miles toward the lake.

Bodie Ghost Town

Hailed as the most authentic ghost town in the United States, this attraction got its start during the Gold Rush in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In its 1870’s heyday, it was known as a rough and tumble town with hard conditions and even tougher miners, gamblers, and gunfighters. What Tombstone is to Arizona is what Bodie once was to California. These days Bodie is a true ghost town, meaning no stores, no bathrooms, no civilization, so please take precautions when traveling to this attraction.

The last of the residents abandoned the town back in the 1930’s after a fire took out several square blocks, but at that point only three residents remained who had preserved the town in Old West fashion. Today their descendants are caretakers of the land so much of the area and 110 remaining buildings remain exactly the same as they were when the town still lived, complete with goods still on the shelves of the stores and poker chips still on the barroom tables. Check out their website for more details: https://www.bodie.com/.

Horseback Ride Back-Country

Frontier Back Train caters to horse people of all proficiency levels. There are leisurely rides through the wilderness for the kids and first time riders as well as more difficult trails for moderate and advanced riders. For the true adventurer, there are all day and night rides with camping at dusk. Here’s the website for more details: https://frontierpacktrain.com/daily-horse-rides/.

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