Featured Locale: Mazatlan, Mexico  

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About Mazatlan

This coastal city has a lot to offer. Over thirteen miles of clear sand beaches and crystal blue water, exciting nightlife, outdoor sports, and a unique history make Mazatlan the “feel good” resort town of western Mexico.

Old Town

Some parts of the city are a bit touristy and modern like Zona Dorada (Golden City) and are geared more toward shopping and clubbing. For a more authentic experience we suggest visiting Old Town at night. This is more of a local hang out and the perfect spot for anyone looking to have a special cultural experience. There are plenty of shops, bars, and eateries open at night as well as the added bonus of Tambora bands playing music in the streets. If you’re brave, join the cliff divers at El Clavadista for the thrill of a lifetime or watch this spectacular grouping of free cliff diving shows from the safety of the ground.

Huana Coa Adventure

For outdoors people Huana offers a range of packages to cater to any adventurer. The canopy tours feature zip lining with trained experts. The ATV adventure takes you through the jungle on a not to be missed excursion. The kayaking island tour is exactly the right activity for the low-key traveler. Prices of packages vary and can be found on their website: http://huanacoa.com/en/.

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