Featured Locale: Pembrokeshire, Wales

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About Pembrokeshire

The main attractions here are the beaches. Wales might not be the first place that leaps to mind when one thinks of surf and sun, but be assured, Wales has some beachcomber activity to write home about. The beaches here have received multiple Blue Flag awards, a big deal in the maritime community, each award signifying that Pembrokeshire has maintained the FEE’s strict sanitation and aquatic conservation guidelines. In fact, the Pembroke Coast National Park, a big tourist attraction in the area, is the only national park of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Saint David’s Cathedral

This medieval church built in 1181 is one of the few Romanesque architecture examples still open for use to the general population in the United Kingdom. After generations of war, religious persecution, and altering political climates, the church is still almost exactly as it was when it was first consecrated: gothic and awe-inspiring.

Admission into the church for a guided tour is free and you are not hounded to make any type of donation, however, most guests agree that $5 is fair for all the history you get to enjoy. If you would like to take pictures you may with the purchase of a camera permit—they’re only one dollar and you can find them in the bookstore. Check out their website for more details: http://www.stdavidscathedral.org.uk/index.php?id=716.


This is a great experience for families. While they do offer half-day packages, we recommend spending a full day at the falconry. Once you’re inside, things become quite exciting fast and you’ll be missing out if you don’t devote a day to getting to know these birds of prey. The habitat is a large one and takes a minimum of ninety minutes to walk through. You’ll get a personal tour guide for your party and will receive a private tour and introduction to the falcons.

The best part? The staff will show you how to call a falcon down from the treetops above and land on your arm. There’s a also a “rabbit catch” game the staff will teach to you where the falcons will hunt “prey” (fake stuffed animals) and return them to you. Brave guest can even “be” the rabbit and be “caught” by these good natured and friendly birds. There are family package prices available as well as individual tickets for sale starting at $20. Check out their website for more details: http://www.pembrokeshire-falconry.co.uk/.

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