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About Titusville

Titusville is a resort town on the northeastern side of Florida, a stone’s throw away from Cape Canaveral. This is the perfect spot for anyone who wants to visit a tropical beach, but doesn’t want to put up with the noise and the crowds of a boardwalk. Titusville is also about an hour away from Disney in Orlando.

Cape Canaveral

One can’t be this close to the cape and not visit the Kennedy Space Center. This is a great attraction for both children and their families, just be aware that you will likely spend the entire day here, so we suggest keeping your plans light for the day and starting at the space center in the morning. General admission tickets are $50 for adults and children over the age of twelve. Tickets include a bus tour that includes the Apollo and Saturn V Center, astronaut encounters, IMAX 3D films, rocket launch viewing, a Shuttle Atlantis visit, as well as countless shows and exhibits. Check out their website for more details: https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/.


Titusville isn’t the place to go for “spring break fever,” though it is a great option for folks that are looking for a quieter place to enjoy the ocean. Most of the beaches near Titusville are “raw beaches” which means that they haven’t been developed or industrialized by humans. As a result, there tends to be more wildlife on the beach, so maintain proper courtesy for the animals you are sharing the beach with.

Warbird Museum

This museum is a fun half day for families. Check out their events schedule because the museum organizes air shows almost every month. Keep in mind that air shows typically are loud and that small infants and toddlers tend to be upset by them. The museum, however, is fine for children of all ages. Since 1977 the museum has been educating visitors about wartime aviation, pilots, and flight technology. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children. Visit the website for more details: https://www.valiantaircommand.com/.

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