Top 3 Haunted Locations

With Halloween quickly approaching many of our members are looking for spooky vacation adventures to celebrate the holiday. We’ve selected our top three haunted locations to get you started.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Cape Hatteras is a favorite vacation spot for travelers and is known for its lighthouses and diamond shoals. As you’re strolling along the beach watch carefully—you may glimpse the Grey Man. Legend has it that he was a sailor lost at sea during a hurricane. When a storm is about to break over the Atlantic, a ghostly apparition of a man will appear along the beach—a warning to the living to find shelter. He is commonly seen near the lighthouse.

Fans of pirates will enjoy Ocracoke, North Carolina, the former hangout of Blackbeard. Blackbeard, also known as Edward Teach, loved Ocracoke so much that he married a local girl and spent the rest of his life plundering and pillaging, returning his spoils to Ocracoke, until his ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, sunk off the coast. In November of 1718, Blackbeard was met with resistance from the local government at what is now called Teach’s Hole. He was beheaded, his body buried at sea. Locals insist that on calm nights the ghost of Edward Teach can be seen wandering aimlessly as if searching for his missing head. Others report the image of a 1700’s pirate ship weaving in and out the sea mist, a headless man at the helm. Does Blackbeard’s ghost still ride the high seas?

The Graveyard of the Atlantic extends from Kitty Hawk to Ocracoke. Because of the underwater sand dunes and diamond shoals littering the coast, ships would often run aground and sink. Resting on the ocean bottom are vessels ranging from 16th-century colonial vessels to WWII German U-Boats. Reports of phenomena vary but most report sounds of distress coming off the water at night—men shouting to abandon ship and smells of burning wood. Its snorkel and diver’s paradise, but if you’re interested in the history of the wreckage, Cape Hatteras has a museum dedicated to the recovery and history of the lost ships.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Boardwalk Fright Nights are the premier Halloween music experience in Myrtle Beach. The festivities run every Friday and Saturday in October, beginning with live music at dusk. Zombies roam the area, eating brains and passing out coupons and tickets to local attractions including the haunted houses.

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure will give you a taste of the weird this Halloween. From shrunken heads to authentic iron maiden torture devices this museum is disturbingly dedicated to the bizarre while the haunted house boasts to be the best in Myrtle Beach. Feel free to scream as loud as you want. Combo packages vary but can be found on the Ripley’s website.

If bloodcurdling screams aren’t your idea of a good time Myrtle Beach also offers Ghost Walk: Spirits of the Lowcountry. Tour guides in period dress will lead you through the chilling history of the city in this walking tour. Tickets are $15 for adults, $7 for children, and can be purchased on their website.

Palm Springs, California

Just outside Palm Springs you’ll find Calico Ghost Town, an abandoned silver mining town dating back to the 1800’s. The town has since been restored to its former glory with all the original buildings intact as well as additions of ghost tours, optical illusion mazes, train rides, and museums.

A day drive from Palm Springs will bring you to the Los Angeles area and the legendary Queen Mary. This ship was originally a transatlantic luxury cruise liner built in the 1930’s. When WWII broke out the ship was refitted to join the fighting and was nicknamed the Grey Ghost for the ghastly shade of military grey covering her hull. Today the ship is permanently docked at Long Beach and serves as a popular tourist attraction. The Queen Mary houses several fine dining restaurants, museums, and, of course, haunted attractions. Starting in October, Dark Harbor will return to the Queen Mary, including live actors, mazes, and the true stories of the spirits that still haunt her corridors today—enter if you dare. Tickets are currently on sale on their website for $20.

On the Sunset Strip in L.A. is the Comedy Store known for its discovery of some of today’s most talented comics, musicians, and actors. But before it spawned the careers of Bette Midler and Robin Williams, it was a nightclub for Hollywood’s elite called Ciro’s, run by notorious gangster Mickey Cohen.  Cohen was famous for frequenting the club and would sometimes even rob the other patrons. He drilled holes in the walls (which are still there) so that he could see his enemies coming for him and liked to use the basement as an execution room for people that got in his way. Today the Comedy Store is fully operational, but reports of gunshots coming from the basement and phantom performances from John Belushi and Richard Pryor plague the employees.

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